Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Once After A While...

Hello peeps, it seems like a decade i never keep my blog active and updated
lol, to be honestly i am kinda lazy to follow up this freaking ugly and boring blog of mine
and recently i always received a question from somebody that always keep asking me " Y your stupid blog haven't get updated yet??" and i always came out with the same answer when every time got asked "i am lazy or i have no new pictures " muahahaha, or should i follow nana's step to end her blogging carrer wtf...seriously want meh???

ok stop listening and ignore to my crap... First of all, i would like to wish those who are muslim for

"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Al-Mubarak" Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Last Tuesday i has been attending the VU Night that organised by Victoria University Business Club which held in Sunway Resort and Spa grand ballroom. I has been to this event@ball night for two consecutive year. Ok i am lazy to futhur my explanation, so just let the pictures speak out my thousand words..



Its Me

Me, Ivan, Norin

Me, Norin


Me & Maria

Group of 4

Von, Me and Shirley

Me & Von

Mr & Mrs VU

After All

Right after the event, headed to Euphoria,which located just right beside of the hotel for.....INDULGE!!!!!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fish Spa

Last Tuesday after xu xian finished her exam at somewhere in cheras, we headed to sg wang for shopping..i am not shopping instead, but teman the 2 shopholic to indulge themself in their so called wang wang..haha
btw me and THZ managed to meet up CSC in Marriot hotel and since somebody was argued that she is soooo hungry,so we had our hi-tea in Pavilion...and went for our fish spa in kenko after that

PKL vip members

cant wait to have fish spa

3 of us..what a fun day


Everything is over now...i just had my last paper today...but it came out with damn fxxking disappointment..screw it..i am depressed..i am worried...i am suffering...but what can i do now???
will know the result on 14th of july..either screw it or pass it..haih
anyway, my exam are over now...which means my sem break beginning,thats a month break for me before i returning to college on 17th of july..
now i have the mood to blog again..haha..

alright lets proceed...............

Went to taman cognoc pasar malam with THZ last week before she go back to kb for her 4month break!!!!what the F!!!4 month wei how to spend the time you tell me???just lets the pictures speak out the thousand words...i am lazy


not forgotten SS2 pasar malam when su xian is here as well

looking for pirate dvds

finally she got her favorite sinchan dvd


Monday, June 02, 2008


Aizzz, i am just in stressed currently as my final exam are just around the corner...1 paper down,but 3 more to go...i still have lotsa syllabus to catching up, before the doomsday finally arrived...
Well, had a wonderful and enjoyable farewell dinner for eddie last thursday,with my best mate Ong a.k.a Larry and Karen in Jogoya Starhill before Eddie was leaving off to UK for his master degree...I gonna admitted that i did really enjoy the Japanese buffet there, with their sea blue fresh sashimi, various of hot cooked dishes, lobster salad and spanner crab as VIP foods, Haagen Daz and Baskin Robbin ice cream as our dessert..and unlimited sweet coconut drinks!!!I enjoyed it like no body businesses like a retard..It just felt so nice for me!!slap
Before heading to Jogoya for our dinner, met up Eddie in pyramid right after my 1st paper and we took a cab straight away to Bukit Bintang...
We indulge ourself which had our lunch in TiantiHill@代官山..It basically a Shanghai style Fusion Restaurant serving Taiwanese and other cuisine accompanied by nice atmosphere ...planned to catch up a movie after lunch but at last we headed to had our foot reflexology session in Kenko Pavilion..anyway i definitely preferred Arokaya Thai Traditional Massage which located in Sunway Pyramid...

It was so incredible that you are leaving to UK in so soon time..I am great to heard that you were landed safely in Manchaster and finally arrived Sheffield..Hope all the best to you in your life in uk and do take care Eddie...

Friday, May 16, 2008


hello everybody,
sorry for the long lost post again.....
i am just deal and done with my 1 of the assignment
which suppose to submit on Tuesday
i need to rush it off because
i will off to HongKong by tomorrow morning
together with Ong and Karen
we had our last minutes decision to have a 4 days 3 nights travel to HongKong
so will update will you guys soon...


Friday, May 02, 2008


Attended Joy's birthday celebration in Delicious at Bangsar VillageII, did enjoy the foods there and we hang around until 10.30pm, and decided to catch up the midnight movie in One Utama- Iron Man


me, Joy the birthday girl and Elly

with Elly and our mother Maria

Acting cute

The girls

Peiwen, Ivan and me

Favorite Seafood linguini

Marsalla Lambshank


Grilled Salmon

Good Night kiddies..
I am ready for Nor's Step up class